Growing forest fire danger in Southern Norway

Forest FireForest Fire, Photo: Pixabay

While the snow still lies on the mountains in many places in the north, there is a greater danger of forest and scrub fires in the lowlands of southern Norway.

‘’We note that the season for forest, scrub, and heather fires has begun in southern Norway. This applies, for example, to Sørlandet where there have been a number of such fires lately’’ said CEO, Rolf Søtorp of the Norwegian Fire Protection Association.

In the transition from winter to spring and before the vegetation has become green, the forest floor quickly becomes very dry without rainfall. Old twigs lying on the ground and dry scrub causes fire hazards to increase.

‘’Under such conditions, just a tiny spark out in nature can light a fire, especially if there is additional wind’’ Søtorp pointed out.

With locally dry vegetation in the lowlands of a number of counties in southern Norway, he warned against making up fires in forests and fields before vegetation has been replenished by rain.

‘’It also applies to the use of a disposable grill. In general, we believe that disposable grills are not a suitable product for use in forests and forests, both because of the fire hazard and the environment’’ said Søtorp.

He finds reminded people that it is soon time for bonfires in this country. It is prohibited during the period from 15 April to 15 September to make a fire in or near forests and other outlying areas without permission from the municipality.

The local council may, by means of local regulations, deviate from this prohibition if local conditions so dictate. It is also allowed to make a fire where it obviously cannot cause scrub or forest fires.

If the fire hazard is particularly high over the period of fire prevention, the municipality may impose a ban on fires, or use of flammable materials outdoors in specific areas.

‘’It is otherwise worth noting that fire protection legislation places strict demands on caution when choosing to build a fire, and that breaches of the duty of care can lead to liability for damages’’ said Søtorp.

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