Labour deputy Hadia Tajik criticizes disability cuts

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Labour deputy leader Hadia Tajik criticizes disability cuts – yet votes against doing anything about it

Deputy leader Hadia Tajik are among the Labour tops who have criticized the Government’s cuts in the child support of disabled persons. But when the socialist party (SV) suggested removal of the cuts she was among the ones who voted against the motion.


SV Deputy Chairman Snorre Valen was taken aback when he reviwed he voting summary from the Parliaments review of revised national budget on Wednesday. It clearly shows that Tajik voted against the SV proposal.

Even as late as the day before, the Labour top had focused the disability cut on a top ten ‘disaster list’ by the Government priorities that Labour are opposed to.

At present we have a Government which will not that they admit to prioritize 160 times more in tax cuts for the wealthiest, whilst people on benefits or who are chroniclly ill gets a pittance , Tajik staded in an interview with ABC News, the day before voting against raising the payout to the same people.


Tajik is not the only one in the Labour Party leadership who have lashed out against the cuts in child benefits. Labuor leader Jonas Gahr Støre and second in command, Trond Giske, have done the same. The Labour party has even provided a fact sheet on the matter.

“It is disappointing that Labour voted against facilitating the everyday lives of people that disabled persons, especially when they yesterday was so clear in the criticism of the government. That Labour voted for other of our proposals in the same debate makes this even more incomprehensible, Valen says to NTB.

The Government’s own estimates show that 367 families are affected by disability cuts. On average, each family loses NOK 29,410.

Tajik states to NTB that the Labour party failed to spport for SV’s proposal because quote ‘that’s not the way we pursue budget policy.’ end quote


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