Hadia Tajik wants certification of police investigators

Labor deputy Hadia TajikOslo.Labour deputy Hadia Tajik : Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Labour deputy leader Hadia Tajik proposes certification of police detectives in the wake of an iterrogation scandal in Stavanger.

In NRK’s Brennpunkt- documentary “Avhøyret” , it emerged that the police in Stavanger had interrogated an accused 15-year-old without a guardian nor defence laywer by his side.

In a written question to the Minister of Justice Per-Willy Amundsen,  the leader of the Justice Committee in Parliament requires answers to why the minister did not want a certification scheme for police investigators and police prosecutors, despite the fact that this will raise the status of the investigation profession.

– The investigation field is struggling with multiple challenges. They have high work pressure, it is hard to recruit, and there are few career paths within the investigation field, says Tajik to NRK.

Tajik will not criticize the investigators by saying that they do a poor job, but points out that this is something the police laywers have called for.

– They have even pointed out that there needs to be a greater degree of systematic quality controls, and have been a driving force for putting a Certification Scheme on the agenda, she said.

The Labor deputy leader believes such an arrangement would strengthen the quality of the investigation profession in the country.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today