All Hail President Trøen

Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen, Høyre, Akershus

Today, March 15, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen of the Conservative Party will be elected President of the Storting, replacing Olemic Thommessen (H) who lost the support of the parliamentary majority due to improprieties within his office.


Thommessen held position of president of The Storting since Oct., 2013.Scandal over renovations of the Storting building & grounds brought the Christian Democrat party to join opposition and withdraw confidence in the sitting president, shifting the power of majority against Thommessen.

President-elect Trøen is mindful of the heavy responsibility placed upon her shoulders, saying; “My primary, short term focus is to complete the belabored Storting construction project and restore the overall trust of the Storting. I hope to excel as the electoral voice of these 168 Storting representatives and together, successfully accomplish our duty.”

Trond Helleland, parliamentary Right leader stated of President-elect Trøen; “The party sees President-elect Trøen as well suited to the role of president. Her previous committee work has illustrated her ability to be a unifying and constructive politician. She will help restore the trust of the Storting.”

President-elect Trøen represented Akershus in the Storting since 2013. She previously held the position of Høyres spokesperson for the Health & Care Committee.Today, she performs as parliamentary deputy for the right, also as acting chair of the Family & Culture committee.

The office of President of The Storting leads the supreme legislature of Norway, a unicameral parliament of 169 members.


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