Half of Norway will participate in drastic climate measures

Sea ice, AntarcticaSea ice, Antarctica. Photo: Pixabay


A new survey shows that 47 percent of those surveyed will take just as drastic measures to deal with the climate crisis as to deal with the Coronavirus crisis.

The survey also shows that 75 percent believe the climate crisis is as severe or more severe than the Coronavirus crisis, writes NRK.

It is Opinion who did the survey for the channel.

– “People have understood that there is a climate crisis and they want to contribute. They see that it’s time. Then they think that it does not help what I do alone, but that everyone must join,” says researcher Harald Throne-Holst in Sifo to NRK.

He believes that the Coronavirus crisis has shown that when everyone does something together and in addition gets help and guidance from the state and other institutions.

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1 Comment on "Half of Norway will participate in drastic climate measures"

  1. Participating in energy conservation and personal fossil fuel consumption cutback is all well and good, but Norwegians are only a tiny percentage of the world’s population and land area, and fossil fuel *production* – like Norway’s – ergo pollution must be cut back MASSIVELY.

    Is Norway prepared to stop fossil fuel production – and prevent other countries from trying to start that – in its territorial waters? (Foregoing drilling in the Lofotens was a good first step.)

    Petroleum and natural gas are humanity’s heroin. Is Norway too fiscally addicted to petroleum monetary revenue to stop?

    Something else: Why hasn’t Norway adopted Sweden’s TOTAL recycling program? I’ve got a large if not huge pile of plastic containers – the same kind inserted into each other for compactness – which *should* be, but we don’t have a plastic recycling pickup here, and I don’t know where to take them.

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