Half of the inmates in Norwegian prisons have alcohol problems

InmatePhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

According to a scientific article that the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) contributed to, half of all inmates had alcohol problems when they were imprisoned.

The article charted how widespread alcohol problems are among those imprisoned in Norway.

“The answers of the inmates showed that just over half – around 55%, had alcohol problems when they were imprisoned,” researcher Hilde Pape said.

Pape is a researcher at the Norwegian Prison and Probation Service’s College and Education Center (KRUS) and the FHI.

The results also showed that just under one in five, 18%, was probably addicted to alcohol and in need of specialized drug treatment.

Alcohol and drug-related problems

The incidence was about the same among women and men.

In younger age groups, and among former convicts and those convicted of violent crimes or driving under the influence of drugs, the proportion of those with alcohol problems was significantly higher.

A solid majority, 68%, of inmates with alcohol problems also had drug problems. 

Out of all the inmates in the study, three out of four had alcohol and/or drug problems.

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