Half of the police officers have received threats during off-duty hours

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

One in two police officers experience threats to himself or his family after working hours, a study shows. One-third of them have experienced unpleasant events.

The investigation into private threats against police officers was carried out by the Police Joint Federation on behalf of VG.

“These are very surprising and high numbers,” says Sigve Bolstad, head of the Police Commonwealth, to the newspaper.

A little over 3,500 members of the police union have responded to the investigation. It shows that four out of ten are afraid that something will happen to them or their family members during their spare time because of the job.

More than half responded that they have received threats to themselves or the family. And one in three has experienced unpleasant leisure events related to the job, says VG.

Bolstad said he is aware of such threats and incidents but he is concerned about the statistics.

“I believe that if this development is to continue, we are on the verge of having a democratic problem. We risk employees beginning to consider if they can stay in the job at all,” said Bolstad. He is also worried what this does to the recruitment of police officers.

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