Half of us don’t believe in any life after death

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Half of those polled in a major Norwegian survey conducted last year do not believe in life after death, writes Vårt Land.

In May, the Department of Church, Religious and Life Sciences (Kifo) conducted a large population survey. Among other things, 4,000 people answered the question “What do you think happens after death?”.

Nearly half, 48 percent, said they did not believe there is any life after death, while 9 percent said they did not know. 27 percent say they believe there is something after death, but they do not know what. Only 5 percent believe in two probabilities: That we are either saved or lost.

Kifo conducted a similar survey in 2012. Then 32.6 percent responded that they do not believe in a life after death.

Tore Witsø Rafoss at Kifo says there have been major changes in a short time.

– “The change consists primarily in the fact that those who were open to the existence of a life after death, but were uncertain of how this consisted, now state that they do not believe in a life after death at all,” he says to Vårt Country.

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