Hammerfest now has the highest corona infection rate in all of Norway

Hammerfest hospitalPhoto: Tor Even Mathisen / NTB

During the weekend, four patients have recovered from COVID-19 infection in Hammerfest. However, with 28 confirmed infections, the municipality is still the “reddest” in Norway.

Hammerfest now has an infection rate of 244.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, which means the municipality has the highest infection rate in the country.

Only Oppdal and Gol are close to Hammerfest, with infection rates of 200 and 217 per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively.

“The local outbreak we now see in Hammerfest affects us all, both residents and businesses. 

“This is a serious and still confusing situation,” mayor Marianne Sivertsen Næss of Hammerfest told newspaper Altaposten.

The municipality currently doesn’t have any special local measures in place. 

However, it’s following the national strategy for infection control. 

All health institutions in the municipality are currently closed for 14 days.

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