Hammerfest registers local corona outbreak, 170 people in quarantine

Hammerfest hospitalPhoto: Finnmarkssykehuset / NTB

Hammerfest mayor Marianne Sivertsen Næss (AP) states that a total of 25 people have been confirmed to be infected, and 170 people are in quarantine in the municipality.

Since the last press conference on Tuesday morning, two foreign workers have tested positive for the virus. 

A total of 170 people are in quarantine in the municipality. 

Two thirds of them are affiliated with Hammerfest Hospital, and 15 of the infected are health personnel at the hospital.

“We expect more infection. It is a confusing situation. The virus is now spreading in Finnmark,” Sivertsen Næss said and pointed to, among other things, a case of infection in Alta.

Increased tracing efforts

A total of 141 people were tested for the virus on Tuesday.

Three people from the national infection tracking team at FHI have now arrived in Hammerfest, municipal chief physician Sonni Schumacher stated at the press conference. 

From now on, the municipality’s infection detection team and the hospital’s infection detection team will work together.

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