This happened the night before 2018-07-21

Police stavanger vestrålenPolice Car in Stavanger. Photo: Pieter Wijnen /NTM

This happened the night before 2018-07-21

From ATV Accident in Hardanger to burning cars in Oslo, here are the major emergency services incidents that happened while most of us (Norwegians) were sleeping during the night before 2018-07-21.


 17-years-old brought to the hospital after ATV accident in Hardanger

A 17-years-old boy has been brought to the hospital after falling off an ATV in Kvam municipality in Hordaland on Friday evening. The extent of his injuries is not yet known.

The boy was conscious when the ambulance arrived at the scene, Operative Leader in the West police district, Terje Magnussen informs NTB. He has been transported to Haukeland University Hospital.

– A police patrol is on the spot and investigates what happened. Currently, we have no theory. He supposedly was thrown off the vehicle, says Magnussen. The injured is a 17-years-old boy he tells VG.

The boy was driving on a sparsely trafficked road in Tørvikbygd in Kvam municipality when the accident occurred.

The police were notified of the incident at 11:34 pm.

A man died after a traffic accident in Agder

A 23-years-old male motorcyclist died the night before Saturday after first hitting a pedestrian followed by a lamp post in Froland municipality in Agder.

The pedestrian appears to be slightly injured, says Operations Manager in Agder police district, Atle Loven, to NTB.

– We are working on the spot, questioning those who have witnessed the incident and gathering technical evidence, says Loven.

The seriously injured man was still not transported to the hospital at 3:55 am and perished soon after.

The police arrived shortly after they were notified of the accident at 2:47 am.

The deceased man’s relatives have been notified.

 House in Nordland engulfed by flames – residents evacuated

Three residents of a house in Steigen in Nordland evacuated themselves when they were woken up by that the garage was burning fiercely night before Saturday. After a short period of time, the whole building was engulfed by the fire.

The residents notified the fire department at 3:30 am when they were awakened by a fire in the garage, which is attached to the accommodation. Just before 4 am, all the emergency services arrived at the scene.

– The fire department quickly found out that the accommodation was engulfed in flames, and is now putting the fire out. the Health Services looks after the three residents, while the police concentrate on the investigation, says Operations Manager in the Nordland Police District, Tom Ove Hammer, to NTB.

The residence is located in a rural area of Steigen. The nearest building is a barn that is 50 metres away, and there is no immediate danger of spreading.

18-years-old sent to the hospital after being hit by a car in Verdal

An 18-years-old man has been brought to the hospital with unknown injuries after being hit by a car in Verdal on Saturday morning.

The accident happened in connection with reversing of the car, says Operations Manager in Trøndelag Police District, Vegard Helgesen Riseth, to NTB.

– The male driver of the car is arrested and suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, he says.

The event occurred early Saturday morning in Stiklestad allé in Verdal in Trøndelag. Several people witnessed the incident.

– The lead up to the incident is a little unclear. The police have some information that the two should have quarrelled, but to say that it is related to this incident, is pure speculation at this point in time. We are going to talk to witnesses, discover what happened, and what the relationship between the two is, says Riseth.

Male (22) beaten with an iron rod in Kristiansand

A 22-years-old man was attacked and hit with an iron rod at the horserace track in Kristiansand, the Agder police district reports.

The incident took place at 4 am the night before Saturday, according to the police. Another man of the same age is arrested in the case.

The man who was attacked has received a cut on his forehead. The involved men do not know each other from before.

Major damage after several car fires at Bjørndal in Oslo

A total of 34 people have been evacuated as a result of several car fires at Bjørndal in Oslo on Saturday morning. In a communal garage, about ten vehicles are damaged.

This will be followed up in a separate article later today.


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