Harmful heartworm found in dogs

Dog Pets New Year's EveDog. Photo: pixabay.com

A “classic” heartworm has been found in a dog in Kristiansand. – This is one of the parasites we fear the most,  the FSA says.

The dog came to Norway from a center for street dogs in Spain. A private person in Kristiansand bought dog from a commercial importer last week.

It had a valid passport, rabies vaccine and had got a treatment against  the dwarf tapeworm of foxes.
Although all the papers seemed to be in order,  the dog owner  approached  the vet the day after receiving the dog.

The vet suspected this was a case of  illegal commercial import and contacted the FSA for an assesment. It was quickly ascertained that the rules governing imports had not been followed.

The dog was put to death and autopsy found a  heartworm inside the dog.

– This is one of the parasites we fear most. Our discovery shows that buying a stray dog could mean exposing other animals to major health risks, regional director of FSA, Hallgeir Herikstad, says .

They still believe that there is no risk of infection to other dogs in Kristiansand.
The FSA is now waiting for the results of the examinations on whether the dog was protected against rabies. It also has been tested for parasites.

FSA has for years warned against importing stray dogs to Norway.
– Importing stray dogs means that the risk that we get new viruses, bacteria or parasites which causes diseases in both animals and humans in Norway multiplies.

That something is permitted by law, does not neccessarily mean that is wise, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today