Haugesund: A policeman convicted of sexual action is sentence to imprisonment

PolicePolice: Photo: Norway Today Media

A policeman in his 40s from the west coast is sentenced in Haugaland District Court to nine months’ imprisonment for having abused his position to obtain sexual relations with several women.

In addition, he is deprived of the right to work as police forever.

The verdict from Haugaland District Court states that the man on two occasions has abused and exploited his position as a police officer to obtain sexual relations with two aggrieved that came in contact with him during his duties as a police officer, wrote the newspaper Haugesunds Avis.

Court wrote in the judgment that they find it strange that the policeman could easily misusing his role against the victoms.

Both women were in a very difficult situation.
During the investigation policeman refused guilt by accusation, but he acknowledged sexual relations with women who reported him.

The policeman was arrested and detained in August 2015 and detained for nearly three weeks.

In addition to the prison sentence he must pay 50,000 kroner in damages compensation to one of.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today