Hauglie wants more immigrants in Nav Program

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Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie (H) proposes an amendment to the law so that more unemployed immigrants can be accepted into a Nav program.


Hauglie points out that one of the main causes of poverty in Norway is immigration. 28.5 percent of immigrants live in sustained low incomes.

“I am worried that too many immigrants are passive beneficiaries, and fear that immigrants and refugees will become their own subclass in Norway. I want more immigrants away from social security and in the work force,” she says to NTB.

Almost half are employed
The Social Services Act is to be amended to allow more unemployed immigrants and social assistance recipients to participate in the Municipal Qualification Program (KVP) than today.

“The scheme is made more flexible and accessible so that more people get the opportunity to get into the work force and activity,” says Hauglie.

The qualification program is a one-year offer of follow-up and work-training and the scheme gives participants over the age of 25 years a payout of 187,000 kroner a year (2G). Those under the age of 25 get two thirds of this.

The number of participants in the CPI has fallen from about 8,800 in 2010 to just under 5,400 in 2017, which is contrary to the government’s goals.

“At the same time, the figures show that the transition to work from those participating in this program has increased every year since 2010. Eight years ago, the transition to work was 29 percent, while in 2017 it was 48 percent on average,” says Hauglie.

Solving formal requirements
Specifically, the government proposes, among other things, that the lower age limit for participation in the program changes from 19 to 18 years. In addition, the duration limitation will be extended to two years. There shall also no longer be formal limitations on the number of reinstated in an interrupted program.

In addition, the possibilities for absence are solved and the possibilities for completing education, training and apprenticeship within the program are expanded.

The proposals will be sent to a hearing before Easter.


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