Haukeland boss reprimanded by the board

Emergency room HospitalEntrance to an Emergency room. Photo: Pixabay.com

The board reprimands the boss of Haukeland Hospital

–It should not possible for a 43-years-old man to die alone in a room in the emergency reception at Haukeland, the Deputy leader of the board of Helse Bergen says.


A unanimous board of directors criticises Hospital Boss Eivind Hansen, writes Bergens Tidende, He answers that he will not resign over this.

The death at the emergency room at Haukeland University Hospital in October was on the agenda of the Board of Directors in Helse Bergen on Wednesday.

A 43-years-old man came to the hospital with signs of heart problems. He was placed in solitary in anticipation of a medical examination, which should have been conducted within 15 minutes of his arrival. One and a half hour later, he was found dead. Bergens Tidende writes that the man had sounded the alarm, but no one came to check – and after 44 minutes the alarm was switched off.

On Friday, the county doctor delivered an audit report which concludes that responsibility for the error lies with the hospital management.

Sorrow and shame

Deputy Leader of the Board, Signy Midtbø Riisnes, reacts to the incident with sorrow and shame.

– It ought not to be possible for a 43-years-old man to die in solitude at the emergency room of a hospital, she exclaims.

Eivind Hansen himself says the board has grounds for its criticism but will not assess his position. He points to that the board at the same meeting states that the hospital has good management and a well-functioning organisation.

– I do not wish to resign because of this criticism, but I take responsibility. I do this by making sure that the organisation is moving on in the right direction.

Hansen says management has long worked to solve the problems at the emergency room when the death occurred. The hospital will now spend NOK 20 million on improving the staffing of both doctors and nurses. In addition, work on an action plan is initiated.

The County Doctor of Hordaland has recommended the police to investigate the death.


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