Hazard warning: Storm on the way

Bodø,Rødbrygga.Photo: Bjørn Godal / NTB scanpix

The Meteorological Institute warns that storms are expected in large parts of the country on Sunday. The worst will be in Nordland and Sør-Troms where a warning has been sent out.

Snow and difficult driving conditions are expected in several places. In Nordland and Sør-Troms people are asked to secure loose objects and avoid unnecessary travel in exposed places.

“From early Sunday evening, a northern storm is expected to develop into a full storm. This means that wind gusts of up to 35 meters per second can be expected in the most exposed areas,” said on-duty meteorologist Martin Granerød to NTB.

The Meteorological Institute warns that loose objects can be blown away, bridges can be closed and power supply can be affected as a result of trees falling over power lines.

“Some roads may be closed due to trees or other objects in the roadway,”said the warning. 

Granerød said that the wind will decrease beyond Monday, first in Nordland.

“At the same time, there is a northern wind over large parts of the country. We get showers from western Norway and north, with slush and snow showers in inner and upright regions,” explained the meteorologist.
South of Stad there will be fewer showers and changing cloud cover. The southern and eastern parts of the country are sheltered from the wind, and the weather is relatively good on Monday. Sunday starts quite grey in this part of the country, with the possibility of fog.

“it might be a bit sunny during the day. It should spread out and become better,” said Granerød.

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