Health Directorate makes registry for defibrillators

heart startersHeart starters.Photo: Anette Karlsen / NTB scanpix

A new national registry for the 30,000 defibrillators found in Norway is to be established. The goal is to save more lives.

– A quick revival of patients who have had cardiac arrest is crucial to saving lives. By establishing a national registry for defibrillators, we will be able to save more lives,  Bjorn Jamtli, senior adviser at the Directorate of Health, says to TV 2 news.

According to the channel, there are about 30,000 AEDs in Norway, but nobody has a complete knowledge of where all of them are.
With the new registry authorities, aim to make it easier to find the nearest defibrillator. The registry is meant to  be in place from January.

– When people call 113, the AMK-center will know where there are defibrillators , so that they can provide the public with information about where they can go to run and grab a defibrillator,  Jamtli says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today