Health workers believe that too few wear face masks

face masksFace masks.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

A new survey shows that only 23 percent use face masks when traveling by public transport in Oslo.

– “It is very sad that recommendations are not being followed,” says Jonathan Faundez, bioengineer and company shop steward for Norwegian Engineering and Technology Organization (Nito) at Oslo University Hospital, to VG.

The observational study conducted by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health shows that 19 percent wear face masks at other times of the day. Of these, there were more women and older people than men and younger people.

Outside rush hour, 95 percent managed to keep their distance from others, while during rush hour it dropped to 90 percent.

Assistant nurse Ellen Åman at the orthopedic department at Oslo University Hospital believes that a face mask should have been mandatory and receives support from several colleagues.

According to FHI, face masks used in the population can reduce infection by approximately 40 percent.

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  1. Our health workers know best and are absolutely right.

    The coronavirus is re-surging in Norway – above 100 new infections every day now – and everyone should be facemasking in public, let alone on public transportation.

    Why isn’t the government ordering that? … for the sake of our health and public transporation workers.

    And my diagonally folded (ergo 4-layer, no less) cotton pillowcase continues to do the job, and far more comfortably than others I have worn.

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