Trucks banned from Parade on May 17th in Bergen

May 17th, Buekorps, BergenBuekorps marching in Bergen. Photo: Nina Nesse (Private)

The May 17th Committee in Bergen bans heavy vehicles

The May 17th Committee in Bergen has decided to ban the biggest and heaviest vehicles from taking part in the main procession of the national day celebration.

The Committee says they have been concerned that the vehicles involved in the main process have grown bigger and bigger each year. Now they will ban heavy vehicles that struggle to get around the corners from participating, writes Bergens Tidende.

– This year, we have made an extra effort to reduce the size and to be even harder for people to bring less vehicles, said the chairman of the 17th May committee in Bergen, Erik Næsgaard, to the newspaper.

The committee stresses that it has nothing to do with terrorist threats. They put that responsibility on the police, and they are very pleased with the decision.

– It’s good that there will not be trucks or heavy vehicles in the procession on May 17th, regardless of the threat level. Preferably, we see that they are removed for good due to safety reasons, says Morten Ørn, Head of Joint Operational Unit at the West Police District, to the newspaper.

At the same time, he announces that they will take additional measures. These will include among other things, more cordoned of streets and more visible and armed police throughout the district on national day.

The police says however, that there is no concrete threat to the celebration.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today