Helene Olafsen wins thrilling ’Shall We Dance’ final

Helene OlafsenHelene Olafsen(L).Photo: : Thomas Reisæter/ TV2 / NTB scanpix

The former snowboard champ, Helene Olafsen, won the year’s final of TV 2’s ‘Shall We Dance’.


Together with the dance partner, Jørgen Nilsen, she secured victory in the finals when TV 2 opened the ballot.

In the finals, Skam star, Cengiz Al, and his dance partner, Mai Benedikte Mentzoni, also danced.

Throughout the season, both couples have had four first places each, so until today, it was a dead heat between Al and Olafsen, reported TV 2.

In the finals, each pair danced three different choreographies. The winning pair danced cha-cha-cha in the first round, and then show dance in the next two rounds.

Helena’s last dance got a full 40 points, and the pair ended with 115 points in total.

‘I gave it all. It was so fun! When I said yes … the first dance wasn’t fun, but I hope I’ve shown that hard work pays off’, said Olafsen the dance. She was also praised on her development throughout the competition by the judges.

‘The development you’ve had is huge. If we can’t look at you as a role model, I don’t know who we can look to’, said judge, Egor Filipenko.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today