Here’s how Erna Solberg plans to win the election

Erna SolbergPhoto: Hanna Johre / NTB

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) is traveling across Norway as a part of the election campaign for the 2021 parliamentary elections

Solberg and the number crunchers in the Conservative Party (H) have been looking closely at the recent polls. 

The polls are currently showing a clear red-green majority – and the lead is increasing. According to the poll in the newspaper Dagbladet on Thursday, the Labor Party (AP) and the Center Party (SP) should receive 83 seats, only two seats away from a majority in the Norwegian parliament (Storting).

The Conservative Party’s popularity was slightly smaller, while the situation is far worse for the Progress Party (Frp), the Liberals (V), and the Christian Democrats (KrF). Analysts believe that Solberg needs close to a miracle to win again.

“Things can turn around”

“Things can still turn around. It is always the case that it is a bit off at the beginning of the summer,” Solberg said. 

“Many of the parties on the left are fully mobilized, which means that they have few people sitting on the fence, and they have high loyalty… We now see that our biggest challenge is to mobilize everyone who is sitting on the fence and does not quite know what to vote for,” she said.

Therefore, indecisive voters are Solberg’s main target. On Thursday, the starting shot was fired for the Conservatives’ election campaign when Solberg embarked on this year’s first election tour. 

On Friday and Saturday, she will visit the southern pearls of Tvedestrand, Grimstad, and Kristiansand.

Four themes

Solberg will focus on the basic themes in the election campaign: job creation, education, health, and welfare.

“The strategy is to talk about the most important issues. We will need more jobs in the private sector, not least because the oil and gas story will be smaller in Norway,” Solberg stated.

According to internal Conservative polls that NTB has seen, health and care for the elderly and creating and securing jobs are the two top issues for voters choosing a party this autumn.

Issue number three is to reduce the differences in society.

Reward young workers

But one of the measures the Conservatives have recently proposed is to introduce a tax deduction for people under the age of 30 who enter work life.

“I believe that the biggest challenge Norway has on the social level is that many people are told quite early that there is no need for them in working life,” Solberg said.

– Why is it right to reward those who are lucky enough to get a job?

“One of the things that happen when you are out of work for too long is that you lose the ability to work. You can also lose the desire to work,” Solberg noted.

“A tax deduction can increase the motivation to work more and keep in touch with working life,” she said.

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