Here’s how Norway plans to roll-out coronavirus vaccination in the upcoming weeks

FILE - Registered nurse Allison Miller administers one of the first Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccinations at UW Medicine Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020, in Seattle. Several states have been told to expect far fewer doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in its second week of distribution, but the reason remains a mystery as the company said Thursday, Dec. 17, that its production expectations remain unchanged.(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

Seven municipalities have received the coronavirus vaccines before the others, and vaccinations will begin in their nursing homes on Monday. The rest of the country’s municipalities will begin after the New Year.

On Sunday, 67-year-old Svein Andersen at Ellingsrudhjemmet in Oslo made history when he received the first coronavirus vaccine in Norway

Now the residents in nursing homes in seven municipalities in Eastern Norway are next in line for the vaccine.

During the last week of December, Oslo Municipality will vaccinate 429 residents in five different nursing homes: Cathinka Guldberg Center, Ellingsrud Home, Lillo Home, Vinderen Living, and Service Center and Økern Home. 

During the first week of 2021, 16 other nursing homes will follow, while 13 other nursing homes will start with vaccinations in week 2.

Ringsaker Municipality will receive 280 vaccine doses on Monday. 

“We start at Moelv nursing home on Monday afternoon. The other residents at the other nursing homes will receive the vaccine on Tuesday and Wednesday,” municipal director of health and care Sverre Rudjord told news bureau NTB.

Sarpsborg Municipality will administer 370 vaccine doses to patients on Monday at all of the municipality’s six nursing homes.

“The first vaccinations will occur during the period of the 28.12 – 30.12,” Øivind Werner Johansen explained.

Stange Municipality will receive 85 vaccine doses on Monday. 

“We start with vaccinations at the Stange health and care center on Monday afternoon. The vaccination then continues at the Ottestad health and care center and in staffed care homes. We follow national priorities related to priority groups for vaccination,” municipal director of health and care Tove Nordli Selnes told NTB.

Hvaler Municipality has ordered 24 vaccine doses. 

“During the last week of December, residents at the nursing home in Dypedal will be offered a vaccine,” the municipality stated on its website.

Fredrikstad Municipality has initially ordered 545 doses that will arrive on Monday. 

“This will cover the need for the municipality’s nine nursing homes. All nursing homes start as soon as the vaccine arrives at the homes. The municipality will then receive vaccines in week 1 for those over 85 years,” department head Birgitte Skauen Kopperud at Fredrikstad Municipality to NTB.

Hamar Municipality has ordered 251 vaccines and will continuously vaccinate nursing home residents at all four nursing homes in Hamar. 

“The vaccination starts on Monday at 3:30 PM at Parkgården nursing home. The vaccination will be carried out at Klukstuen, Prestrudsenteret, and Finsalsenteret,” head of institutional service Trine Pettersen and municipal director Christl Kvam noted.

Priority municipalities

The first 10,000 doses from the vaccine manufacturer BioNTech and Pfizer arrived in Norway on Christmas Day.

They were transported to Oslo, which started with the vaccination on Sunday.

“The six other municipalities were chosen because they are close to the capital and because, like Oslo, they had a lot of infection,” Geir Bukholm at the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) noted.

This Christmas, Norway will receive an additional 35,000 doses from BioNTech and Pfizer, and after that, around 40,000 doses will be delivered each week.

“These vaccine doses will also be distributed evenly according to the population. They will be sent to the regional storage sites around the country, and the vaccines will be distributed from there on to the municipalities,” the FHI stated.

That means that municipalities in the rest of the country can start the vaccination in the New Year.

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