High sick leave in Nav

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Sick leave among Nav employees is above average in Norway. Large workloads and role conflicts are challenges in the agency, according to internal research.

From 2013 to 2018, the average total sickness absences in Nav has been above the average for Norway in general. This shows the agency’s absentee statistics that ABC News has gained access to.

In 2018, sick leave in Nav was 7 per cent compared to 6.3 per cent in Norway in general.

Nav’s target for sick leave for 2019 is an average of 6.1 percent, according to HR director Gunhild Løkkevol.

Chief safety officer for government employees in Nav, Stein-Arne Hammersland, is concerned.

– Sickness absences both concerns and affects the individual employees and the resources that Nav can use to solve tasks for the users, he says.

Sick leave is on the way down, says the HR director.

  • For the first half of 2019, we had the lowest sickness absentee rate in Nav for many years, but experience shows that sickness absences fluctuates throughout the year, says Løkkevol.

Due to the high absenteeism, a working environment survey was conducted in 2018, which revealed that workload and conflict of roles could be a cause.

Hammersland points to smaller budgets as part of the explanation.

  • The amount of tasks versus resources to solve them may be part of the explanation, so that employees experience too much work pressure. At least this is what is pointed out in some places, he says.

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