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Highest population growth in Akershus



The population is estimated to be 5 297 000 inhabitants as per 31 December, with a population growth of 38 500 or 0.7 per cent in 2017. Akershus is set to have the highest population growth, while Sogn og Fjordane will be the only county with a population decrease.


For the country as a whole the population growth is at its lowest since 2005, according to new figures from the statistics Population and population changes. The decline in the population growth probably corresponds to the decreasing net migration.

The estimations show that the difference between immigration from abroad and emigration to abroad is at its lowest since 2006.

In relation to the population, the central municipalities in Akershus: Nannestad, Ullensaker, Ås and Lørenskog are set to have the highest population growth.

The estimations show expected population at the end of 2017, and the new boundary changes from 1 January 2018 are therefore not taken into account.1


Source: SSB / Norway Today


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