Hippos Kill 2 in Kenya


A moment of scenic picture-taking turned tragic for a Chinese tourist in Kenya when the man was attacked and killed by a hippopotamus in Kenya’s Rift Valley Naivasha Safari Park.


Kenya’s wildlife service reports that Sunday, August 12, a group of Chinese tourists were standing upon the outskirts of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha taking wildlife pictures when they were suddenly attacked from the lake by a hippo.

The attack left one man dead and another seriously injured.

Rift Valley police report that the victim was bitten in the chest & suffered mortal injuries.He was pronounced dead when retrieved moments later from Lake Naivasha.

Just a few hours before and a few miles away, a local fisherman was attacked by a hippo,also upon Lake Naivasha, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

With these 2 deaths Sunday, a total of 6 people have been killed at Naivasha by hippopotamus attacks in 2018.

Spokesperson Paul Udoto of the Lake Naivasha Nature Preserve said the details surrounding the hippo attack upon the 2 Chinese tourists are unclear.He adds that it’s unusual for tourists to be attacked, as they’re usually under the protection of tour guides.

Udoto also gave that Hippos and individual Buffalo constitute the largest threats to humans from Kenya wild animals, and also that there have been many attacks by these creatures where civilians or Kenya park rangers have lost their lives.

It’s estimated that worldwide, about 3,000 die annually from Hippopotamus attacks.

About 6 people die yearly from shark attacks.


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