Historically low abortion figures

Historically low abortion figuresUltrasound.Photo: Tore Meek / Scanpix

14.001 abortions were performed in this country last year. The figures are historically low for both teenagers and women in early 20s.
Since 2008, the curve has steadily decreased for the two youngest age groups, while the number of women of other age groups who get an abortion is at a stable level, according to figures from the NIPH. Last year  14.001 abortions were performed, which is 65 fewer than the year before.
The number of  teenage abortions are  historically low and decreasing, according to the  statistics.

Lowest ever recorded
– The latest abortion figures show the lowest rate for this age group since the records began in 1979. Only in the three northernmost counties, is the figure is still over ten abortions per 1,000 women,  Dr. Mette Løkeland at the Abortion Register said.
Free contraception for teenagers, better access to health centers for young people and better sex education are the main reasons for the positive developments, the chief physician thinks. These efforts also lead to an increased awareness that the teenagers will stil possess take further when they are in their 20s, she adds.
– If you look at the curve, it’s a one-year delay from the start of the decline in the teen group to the start of the decline for twenty year olds. This may indicate that women continue the behavior they have been taught at an early age, she says.
More conscious 20-year-olds
Women in the early 20s has long been the group that has had the largest number of abortions. However,the number of abortions in this age group have also declined steadily for several years.
Last year was the first time women there was almost no difference in the number of abortions performed on women in their early 20s  and on women in their late 20s.
– Now we see that the differences are minor, for this group has also experienced a steady decline from 2008 to 2015, says Løkeland.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today