Historically low deaths in traffic

E18E18 at Høvik in Bærum.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

During the first six months of this year, 45 people were killed in traffic.That is as low as the corresponding period in 2017, a year of record low road deaths.


In total, 34 men and 11 women lost their lives so far this year.29 of these died in private cars, while there had been a decrease in the number of motor cycle accidents.

“So far this year, we have registered four motorcycle crashes,compared to nine at the same time last year,” said Guro Ranes,Head of Department in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
The figures for the first half of the year showed that the fatalities are spread relatively evenly across the country, but most had died in Nordland and Møre and Romsdal. In both of these counties, five people died in traffic from January to the end of July. No people have died on the road in Finnmark.

Decline in the number of deaths

Statistics from the Road Administration show that the number of people killed in the first six months of the year is the same as for the first half of last year. In 2017, 106 people lost their lives in traffic.

It was a reduction of 49% from 2010 and the lowest figure for over 70 years.

According to the Road Administration, in 2017, Norway was the country in Europe with the lowest number of inhabitants killed measured against mileage and population.

“This is the result of systematic and knowledge-based work for a long time,” said Ranes, Director of NTB, on the development.

Be aware

Ranes referred to extensive cooperation between the police, health care,traffic safety operatives and the state. She also believes that the figures will fall even further in time, largely due to the introduction of new technology and safer cars.

At the same time, Ranes emphasised that one accident in traffic is one too many.

“In the short term, as a road user, you can make a difference by remembering four things: keep to the speed limit, use a seat belt, do not drive in a rush, and pay attention,” said Ranes.


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