Høie prayer to those who get sick at work: – Please stay in bed

Health Minister Bent HøieHealth Minister Bent Høie.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) makes a clear call to anyone who chooses to go to work even if they feel sick: Stay at home.

The Conservative Party makes the call in a Facebook post published on Sunday evening.

-This is a prayer for those who line up and lift heavy weights with a heavy head. For those who sit behind the desk in the office with a sore throat and runny nose, writes Høie.

“You don’t want to be a coward and you don’t want to accuse your colleagues – it’s good that you pay attention to others! But now you must stay at home. For the sake of others, writes the Minister of Health.

He writes that it will have huge consequences if colleagues or public transport travelers become infected.

“This leads to more people staying at home and not going to work or school. As a result, more people must get tested and more people must seek out the health service. This leads to the uncertainty of whether there is an ongoing outbreak,” he writes.

“This is a prayer for you, who can never stay under the covers, please stay inside! This is Høie’s invitation.

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