Holmlia gang earn millions from crime

Gang Gangster mafia Holmlia Young BloodGangster. Ill: Pixabay.com

Police believe Holmlia gang earn millions from crime

Police believe the leaders in the Holmlia gang Young Blood’s earn millions from criminal activities. This according to a report from December 2016 that VG has gained access to.


The intelligence report stamped secret states that “(…) Young Blood’s leaders earn millions on their criminal activities, but we know little about what’s happening to their profits from the criminal activity,” writes the newspaper.

– We have more knowledge than we had just a year ago, just so you know that. We know a lot about what’s happening and we work on different strategies to fight it. We are very aware of international ties, says police inspector in the Oslo Police District, Grete Lien Metlid to VG.

The report furthermore states that “in the very likely the case that Young Blood represents or cooperates closely with organized criminal networks from the Western Balkans, it is likely that they have access to significant expertise and assistance in criminal activities, especially in the drugs and money laundering sectors.”

Metlid does not want to comment on where the police believe the money ends up, but says a large unit is working to reveal that.


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