Homeless people ‘feel the breeze’


Approximately twice as many homeless people make use of the Salvation Army’s accommodation facilities now that Oslo is gripped inside the icy fist of the Siberian cold-snap . The Salvation Army have extended their opening hours.


“I do not have an exact number of how many were at Templet Korps last night, but on average, between 50 and 60 people have stayed during the past few days. Before it became so cold, it was approximately 30’’, said Frode Woldslund, leader of the Salvation Army’s ‘Frelsesarmeens Rusomsorg’  Region East, to NTB news.

The Salvation Army has room for about 150 overnight guests, which means that even when the cold is at its worst, only half of the beds are used.

The fact that the beds are not filled up, however, is no indication that there are many who have to sleep outdoors in the cold, said Woldslund.

‘’We have night patrols that are out three times a week to see if there are people out there. They tell us that most people are inside. If someone is sleeping out, they are either unaware of the offer, or they hide away’’, he said.

However, he also encourages those who may sleep outside to get in now as thermometer displays a two-digit number of degrees minus at night.
Because of the cold, the Salvation Army has decided that they will hold the immigration center in Urtegata in Grønland open one hour longer than usual on Thursday and Friday. In addition, the accommodation offer in Templet Korps will open one hour earlier than usual for the rest of this week, so it is open from 21.00 in the evening until 08.00  in the morning.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today