Hopes to find the black box of the crashed post aircraft Saturday

Crash Site--, Sverige 20160108. Videograb fra luftforsvaret viser havaristedet til postflyet som var på vei med norsk post fra Gardermoen til Tromsø på vegne av Posten Norge som styrtet i Gällivare-fjellene ved grensen til Norge. Redningspersonale antar at det ikke er noen mulighet for at de to pilotene om bord har overlevd. Foto: Luftforsvaret NATO QRA Bodø / NTB scanpix
Saturday continues  the investigations at the crash site where a post flight crashed Thursday night. The  police are hoping to find the plane’s black box.
At the crash site, there are only small fragments left after the plane, and it is, therefore, uncertain whether the aircraft’s flight recorder is intact.
A helicopter pilot who was first on the spot after the accident, Kjell Arvidsson, says that the area is one big crater.
– It looks like it is released a bomb. It’s a big brown hole in the ground. One sees no metal pieces or something, it’s just torn soil, he said to Expressen.
Swedish police arrived at the scene of the accident Friday afternoon but had to quit after a while the investigations when it became dark. So far, there were no findings of the aircraft’s flight recorder, also called black box, and the search for it continues Saturday.
– Hopefully, there are parts in the black box that can be used, said detective inspector Patrik Ström police at Norrbotten in Sweden.The work at the site is complicated by harsh weather. It’s 30 degrees below zero and strong winds in the area, in addition to that there are only bright five hours every day. The plane was on its way with the post from Oslo to Tromso when it crashed. Nothing suggests that the two people on board – a 42-year-old Spanish captain and a 34-year-old French officer – survived the crash.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today