Hordaland will not pay for Cycling World Championships

Cycling World Championships Peleton Tour de FranceCyclng, Peleton, Photo: pixabay.com

Hordaland will not pay out after the Cycling World Championships

Hordaland County Municipality says no to pay out the deficit guarantee of NOK 5.2 million to the organizers of the Cycling World Championships in Bergen last year.


The county municipality has come to the opposite decision to that of the municipality of Bergen, according to Bergens Tidende.

– The reality is that we had an agreement with Bergen 2017 where they would restore the roads to their original standard after the event. This never happened. We therefore feel that we have no obligation to pay out the promised the deficit guarantee, says County vice Mayor Pål Kårbø (Christian Democrats) to the newspaper.

Among other things, a number of speed bumps were removed in connection with the bicycle World Championship, as well as the fact that asphalt was put on top of a cobbled area. The agreement with the organizer was that this should be rectified after the World Championships was over.

Conservatives for pay out

Nevertheless Group leader for the Conservatives in the county council, Silja Ekeland Bjørkly, reacts to that the county municipality has decided not to pay out the deficit guarantee.

– We believe that the right of us is to pay out the guarantee, even though we have a claim in the estate. There is no reason for us to put ourselves in a better position than other creditors, says Bjørkly.

The bankruptcy estate for Bergen 2017 AS has submitted a claim for payment of NOK 5.2 million. In addition to the Conservatives (H), The Liberals (V) and MDG voted to meet the claim. A majority consisting of Labour (Ap), Christian Democrats (KrF), Centre Party (Sp), Socialist Party (SV) and Progress Party (Frp) voted against paying the claim.


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