Horne will deny refugees cash for care-subsidy for their first five years in Norway

Solveig HorneMinister of Children and Equality Solveig Horne ( Progress Party )

Children and Equality Minister Solveig Horne  will introduce a requirement that refugees and asylum seekers have to stay in Norway for five years before they can receive cash for care-subsidies.

According to the newspaper VG  Horne will present the new proposal – which will be included  in the government’s announced integration report – along with integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug .
The proposal is that the cash for care-subsidy is retained for all families except refugee families who have just come to Norway from countries outside the EU.
– We know that the first few years after the arrival in Norway of asylum seekers or refugees  are incredibly important for integration. This applies to work, culture and especially language. This proposal will help the parents, but also their children, says Solveig Horne.
– We believe it is unreasonable that refugees and others who come here can get cash for care-subsidies. The current rules and regulations of the cash for care-subsidy allow them to choose to keep their children at home, not being integrated and not getting the opportunity of learning the Norwegian language,  Sylvi Listhaug says.
The cash for care-subsidy is a scheme where parents of children between one and two years receive up to 6,000 kroner a month if those children do not attend kindergarten.


Source:  NTB scanpix / Norway Today