Horse rescued by helicopter at Finnskogen

FinnskogenFinnskogen.Photo: Politiet / NTB scanpix

The horse, Finnskog Lux was hoisted up by helicopter after going through the ice on Lake Røgden in Grue. It has gone well for both horse and rider.

The message came in at 07:37 on Friday morning. The lake is on the border between Norway and Sweden.

“An air ambulance was sent because it was suspected that there could be people in the water. It soon became clear that this was not the case,” explains Operations Manager Per Solberg in Inland Police District to NTB.

Right after 9 am the police reported that the horse was lifted to land by the air ambulance.

Chilled horse
For Trav- and Galopp-Nytt, coach Heikki Kulblik reported that the horse was lying in the ice for almost an hour and hyperthermia had begun to set in.

“We are at the clinic of my daughter-in-law now, and everything seems to be going well,” he says.

“The horse’s body temperature had gone down to 33 degrees C, but it is just about to stabilise,” says Kulblik on Friday morning.

Thick ice last week
He thought he had good control when he was driving on the ice.

“I drove intervals out there on Wednesday, and then the ice was fine. I measured it at the end of last week and it was 60 centimeters thick then,” says the driver.

He says that there was minus temperatures night to Friday, after up to 17 degrees C on Thursday – and that he did not see the black fields with rotten ice, which was where the horse fell through.

Finnskog Lux, according to the industry magazine, should have started at the Bjerke track, but the horse is now being removed.

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