Horses astray in several places

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Horses awol in several places

In the morning hours, the police reported that six horses were loose in three different places in the country.

The police reported that two big horses, one black and a light brown, were astray in Gol just after 9 am on Saturday morning.

– We have been notified that the two horses are on a field. They stayed away from the road and has therefore not been a traffic hazard, says Operations Manager in Buskerud police district, Jarle Hoperstad, to NTB.

Police do not yet know if the horses have been captured, nor do they know who owns the animals

It was not only in Hallingdal that some four-legged found their way into freedom. It happened at the same time two other places as well.

The police in Sør-Trøndelag reported at 9 am that two brown horses were on their own on the road at Botngård in Bjugn municipality. The police announce just before eleven am that the horses are chilling next to the road and ask drivers to drive carefully in the area. The owner of the horses is presently unknown to the police.

Two hours earlier, at 7 am, the police in Agder also reported about two horses gone awol in the centre of Åmli. No further information is available on their current status.


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