Hospital in Bergen closes intensive care unit for Covid-19

.Haraldsplass diakonale sykehusBergen.Haraldsplass diakonale sykehus. Foto: Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Few infected people cause Haraldsplats Diakonal Hospital in Bergen to close the intensive care unit for Coronavirus illness.

In March, a room for so-called cohort isolation was set up for patients, and this is now closed.

– “In total we have had 37 patients admitted with proven Covid-19. Now the number of patients has been low for two weeks with few or none on the intensive,” says CEO Kjerstin Fyllingen to Bergens Tidende.

She points out that the unit can be quickly restored, but that the need is different now than when the crisis was worst in Norway.

– “We need the day surgery rooms for planned operations. Few patients with Covid-19 allow us to now run full capacity on operations and almost full operation at our outpatient clinics,” she says.

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  1. More good news!

    I may be able to be with my children again, after 4? 5? months.

    Let’s hope it holds.

    Meanwhile, next door in Sweden many continue to die.

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