Hospitalized corona patients struggle with confusion, memory loss and apathy

Østfold Kalnes HospitalSarpsborg.Østfold Kalnes Hospital.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

According to doctors at Haukeland University Hospital, there is much evidence that the brain is affected in corona patients. The phenomenon has been called “covid-brain”.

Senior physician Marianne Aanerud at Haukeland tells NRK that many patients have not understood how sick they are. For example, they may deny that they are short of breath, despite measurements showing that they have severe oxygen deficiency.

“One patient who was to receive respiratory treatment said he first had to watch a TV program until the end. Patients receiving respiratory therapy are very ill and usually very afraid,” says Aanerud.

Other patients have had trouble remembering their social security number and how to use their cell phone, according to the physician.

The state of confusion, called delirium, can occur in both young and elderly. The condition is also common in other infectious diseases.

Aanerud says they have followed up patients after they have been discharged. Then there are several who have neither remembered the doctors nor things that happened while they were hospitalized.

“They have a clear memory loss. When we talk about it, they are surprised, but most have become themselves again,” she says.

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