Hospital misplaced fetus

Østfold Hospital do not know what has happened with a miscarried fetus that was to receive an autopsy and later  get buried.

In the fourth month the pregnancy went wrong. After a miscarriage at Østfold Hospital hoped parents that an autopsy would provide answers as to why.
– After six months, the family requested the results from the autopsy. Then we discovered that there had been a mistake and that the fetus has not been autopsied, communications manager Bjorn Hødal at Østfold Hospital Kalnes to says to the public broadcasting network NRK.
The reason is that messages between the Women’s  clinic and pathology had not arrived as planned.
– What we can say for certain is that the fetus has been sent to the memorial without autopsy, says Hødal.
The hospital apologize to the family and now have changed their routines.
The County Governor has now started an investigation of the the incident and the hospital’s part in the incident.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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