Hotel employees’ strike averted, parties agree on deal

Radisson hotel OsloThe Radisson Hotel in Oslo. Photo: Gunnar Ridderström / Unsplash

There will be no hotel strike after the parties agreed during the mediation on Saturday morning.

Parat’s chief negotiator Grete Dieserud says that the negotiations were demanding but that they are happy with the solution.

“Under the prevailing circumstances, this result is within what was realistic to achieve in this settlement,” Dieserud noted.

Fellesforbundet, which has mediated in parallel with Parat, also reached an agreement with NHO.

“We have had a breakthrough… but there is little doubt that this settlement reflects the fact that there is a crisis in large parts of the industry,” Fellesforbundet’s chief negotiator Clas Delp emphasized in a press release.

Demanding negotiations

Among other things, the parties agreed on a general supplement of NOK 0.50 per hour and an increase in the minimum wage rate of NOK 1.40. The changes will take effect on April 1.

Delp said this is not the result they had hoped for.

“We will not hide that this is far from our original requirements,” he noted.

NHO Reiseliv emphasized that the mediation was tough.

“It has been a very demanding mediation in a particularly difficult and critical year for Norwegian tourism, but we reached our goal in the end,” chief negotiator Magne Kristensen in NHO Reiseliv said in a press release.

More permanent positions

A key issue in the negotiations has been the extensive use of on-call substitutes and extra help in the industry. 

As many as one third of all people who work in hotels are on-call substitutes and extra helpers.

Clas Delp at Fellesforbundet emphasized that they will continue the work of ensuring better conditions for this group.

“We will now work to ensure that as many people as possible get permanent positions and do not have to work on-call,” he said.

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