House and garage totally destroyed in Oslo fire

Firetruck GjøvikFiretruck. Photo: Norway Today Media

A house and a garage burned down, and several other detached houses were damaged when a fire broke out in Bjørndal in Oslo on Saturday night.


At 21.00 on Saturday, the Oslo police started an evacuation of four houses at the site burning in Prestlia.

45 minutes later, the police reported that one house was still burning strongly, as were part of the neighbouring houses and a double garage.

Police deputy leader,Torgeir Brenden, informed Aftenposten newspaper at 22.30 that one of the houses and the garage were completely destroyed.

The fire service had begun to gain control, but the fire was not yet extinguished.

Nobody was home when the fire started.The police have contacted the homeowners.

Four neighbouring houses were evacuated and were damaged as a result of strong heat from the fire, said the police.

Half an hour after the evacuation, the flames spread to vegetation.According to the police, there was a small forest fire, but the fire department wwere in control of the conflagration.

The police were notified of the fire at 20.55 and were on site after five minutes. Both the fire department, police and health personnel moved out to Bjørndal.


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