House trashed by at least 80 youths

Police car, TysfjordPolice car. Photo Norway Today Media

A house in Nes has been completely trashed after a ‘home alone’ party with around 80 young people, reports the police.


“Nothing left unturned. Among other things, clothes and a TV were thrown out of the window and into the garden. A fire extinguisher was also emptied inside the home and there is extensive damages,” says operations manager Bjørn Christian Willersrud from the East Police District to NTB.

The police were alerted by youngsters who had attended the party, and parents who had come to pick up their kids, around midnight.

“There were both over and under 18 present at the party. Several minors had drank alcohol,” says Willersrud.

The owner has been informed of what has happened.

– “He was unaware of the party. So we seriously urge parents to care about what their kids are up to and their ‘where abouts’, especially in the evening,” says Willersrud.

According to the operation leader, there were few people left in the house when the police arrived. The police will follow up the case.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today