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How to avoid becoming the worst Christmas guest of all time

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Very many people spend time with loved ones during the holidays, but on departure the atmosphere can be tense. There is advice to avoid this.

Already in November, The New York Post had published its advice and tips, based on a survey of 2,000 Americans on so-called guest room etiquette, revealing the worst things a guest could commit, as well as the worst ones they had ever experienced.

The top three on the bad list were; to arrive without being invited or not have informed in advance, to snoop around without asking for permission and to destroy the host’s belongings.

The survey was carried out by the analysis company OnePoll for Mattress Firm and showed that over 40 percent also had little ‘good will’ left over for loud guests and guests who smoked and made a mess.

Norwegians are going home
According to an electronic survey conducted by Response Analysis for SpareBank 1 in the period 14-2 November this year among 1,019 people, a large proportion of Norwegians will also spend a lot of time close to family during Christmas.

As many as 32 percent, which corresponds to more than 1.3 million people, say they will travel to be with family, while 4 percent, which corresponds to almost 181,000 people, will travel and be with friends.

In addition, there are several who will travel elsewhere, such as to the cabin and abroad, without specifying whether it is with friends and family. A total of 45 percent in Norway will travel away in Christmas – almost 1.9 million inhabitants.

It is important to behave so it’s pleasant for all parties.

Among other annoying things guests do, is bring extra uninvited people to the gathering, as well as coming home late and overly drunk, according to The New York Post’s survey.

It is also frowned upon to demand lots of the host and eat their food and beverages without asking first.

Despite the fact that a fairly high percentage could list a lot that was annoying, as many as 63 percent respond that they think it is nice to have friends and family on overnight visits, even when they behave bad just a little. However, three nights is enough, generally speaking. After that, it becomes a bit much for most hosts.

Among the worst people have experienced is that one guest fell asleep naked in the living room, another guest set fire to his room, while a third punched holes in the wall.

Among the hostile things hosts have discovered was that guests stole money from them, while also responding to a guest taking the host’s pet to bed. Another host did not appreciate that a drunken guest decided to redo all of their Christmas decorations in the house.

Answer to questions
The requirements for a good host are actually far lower than for a good guest. The absolute best thing to do is to be helpful if the guest has a question, 43 percent appreciate it. Then, there is a lot of preparation in the guest room: Put out more than one towel, many enjoy that very much, and make sure the bed is comfortable and tidy – a good night’s sleep is important to many – and access to toiletries in the bathroom.

A small note with a password for the internet is also greatly appreciated. In addition, if the host does not make much noise in the morning, but instead awakens the guests with a ready-made cup of coffee, the host in question gets the star in the margin.

Maybe it’s okay not to follow up on all the points, like providing all the meals and delivering fresh water to their room every day, otherwise the guests may not go after the critical three days?

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