How will the bill of Norway’s arms support to Ukraine be covered?

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Norway has sent weapons and military equipment worth at least NOK 250 million to Ukraine, and more may be on the way. It is unclear who will cover the bill. 

The Armed Forces have sent 4,000 M-72 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, which must be replaced. The Ministry of Defense estimates that it will cost between NOK 120 and 140 million to replenish the stock at home again.

Norway has also delivered around one hundred Mistral missiles to Ukraine. These French-produced missiles were purchased in the 1990s and have been used on Norwegian naval vessels.

Ukraine has received them in the so-called MANPADS version and will use them from launch ramps on the ground.

Price of the missiles

The Ministry of Defense cannot say what the Mistral missiles once cost, but NTB has obtained information that such missiles are sold for up to NOK 1 million in the secondary market.

“We do not disagree with that assessment,” senior adviser Asgeir Spange Brekke in the Ministry of Defense stated.

He couldn’t say how much it would cost the Armed Forces to replace the Mistral missiles.

It has not yet been decided how or whether the capacity will be replaced, and thus we can’t say what costs will be incurred, Spange Brekke told NTB.

Vests and helmets

Norway has also donated 1,500 bulletproof vests and 5,000 helmets to the Ukrainian army. This was also taken from the Armed Forces’ warehouse, despite the fact that there has long been a shortage of combat vests in Norway.

The Ministry of Defense did not want to estimate the value of the defensive material given to Ukraine but stated that it should have been “phased out” anyway. 

With current prices, 1,500 combat vests and 5,000 helmets cost at least NOK 35 million, probably far more, according to NTB’s estimates, which are based on prices stated by some of the Armed Forces’ previous suppliers.

More military support on the way?

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) stated a few days ago that it might be relevant to send more military equipment to Ukraine.

Støre also stated that Norway had contributed money to a fund the British government set up to finance weapons aid to Ukraine. Still, he did not specify the exact sum.

It is also not known whether the arms subsidy to Ukraine will be covered through the ordinary defense budget.

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