HRH The Crown Prince of Norway to Revisit Operation Gunnerside at Vemork


“We didn’t think about whether it was dangerous or not. . . . You concentrated on the job and not on the risks.”       —Lt. Joachim Rønneberg, leader of Operation Gunnerside.


Crown Prince Haakon Magus will ski, hike and explore history during the 75th anniversary of Operation Gunnerside at Vemork, slated February 28th.

In 1943, Norwegian commandos completed the most successful act of of sabotage in all of WWII; destroying heavy water production and the 60 MW Vemork power station at the Rjukan waterfall in Telemark, Norway.

Before WWII, Norsk Hydro was the heavy water supplier for the world’s scientific community

The Crown Prince and those marking Operation Gunnerside’s 75th anniversary will follow the attack route from Hardangervidda to Vemork.

Skiing, hiking and climbing are required to pursue the original trail carved by Norweigan saboteurs 75 years ago.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today