HTH did not warn the clients about the falling closets


A kitchen top cabinet from Danish HTH has fallen from the walls of many customers, but the company has not notified customers.

In Norway thousands of these cabinets were sold.
The management of HTH was made aware of the risk of a year ago, but customers have yet to be informed, writes According to HTH addresses the so-called K21-occupied cabinets are wider than 70 centimeters.
The current combination is found in around 22,000 kitchens in Norway, estimates HTH.
The kitchen manufacturer produces 75,000 kitchens annually, most for Danish customers.
The kitchen firm explains on their website, how customers should react if they have a kitchen that is in danger of falling down.
This explanation has not so far been sent out to customers who purchased the kitchens.
The fittings, which have been in use since 2002, have now been taken out of production.
CEO Rune Stephansen in HTH says he was made aware of the problem before the summer break and then started an investigation of the case.
Stephansen says he is aware that several HTH retailers in January reported a problem at the start of the year.
HTH informs that they will send letters to customers who have purchased a kitchen with this type of fitting over the last 14 years.
HTH in Norway has not responded to repeated requests from news agency NTB on the matter.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today