Huitfeldt: A military advance from Russia would have consequences

Anniken HuitfeldtPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (AP) says that Russia can expect strong reactions if it takes military action against Ukraine.

“It has been a very constructive and good meeting; at short notice, I have met 26 other foreign ministers in NATO,” Huitfeldt said about the recent foreign ministers’ meeting.

She says NATO is very concerned about the current situation in Ukraine. NATO held an emergency meeting on Friday on the situation in Ukraine to agree on how to respond to Russian demands in the negotiations with the Kremlin next week.

“We hope that the diplomatic channels will succeed, but we are preparing for that not to happen.”

She said Russia could expect sanctions if it makes military strides against Ukraine.

“If Russia takes military action, it must expect strong reactions from NATO,” she stated.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Huitfeldt: A military advance from Russia would have consequences"

  1. Anniken and the other foreign ministers, let alone our sec/state are being dangerously insensitive to the Russians’ fears and legitimate security requirements … and they are leaving the Russians no option *but* to invade Ukraine … and the Russians will go all the way to its western border – they must END this – regardless of any Western actions except military, which *would* start World War 3.
    Anniken must remember the Russians lost 18 million just-Russian men, women, and children in World War 2 – which included Putin’s 2 year old brother Viktor and nearly both his parents – and fear another invasion from the West as reflexively as Jewish people instinctively fear another Holocaust.

    What would we Americans do if Mexico joined an anti-U.S. military alliance with China and Russia. What *did* we do, when there was a pro-Soviet coup on strategic Grenada island within *our* inner security perimeter.
    And in an apparent Eastern bloc close-to-home pushback, Sandinista Nicaragua has now broken off relations with Taiwan and begun them with China … and Nicaragua has long been surveyed for an isthmus canal superior to Panama and has many fine airfields we can be sure the Chinese would like to improve.
    The previous, popular leader of Haiti had warmed up to China, only then to be assassinated in a coup by Colombian mercenaries who have been of service to us in the past.
    And the Russians have sent in 2,000 security police to help Kazakhstan ruthlessly suppress any regime-change there, which only adds credibility to their resolve to deal with Ukraine and other buffer states like Georgia and Finland militarily, if they have to, as NUPI’s Julie Wilhelmsen observed the other day.

    WE broke our U.S. and UK Budapest peace agreement with the Russians with our 2014 Kiev coup – not a revolution for 4 very obvious reasons – and they have counter-moved just like we did in Grenada’s and Nicaragua’s cases (although in the latter case Daniel Ortega and President Reagan came to terms and ended that war … then).

    In return, any fair and comprehensive peace and security treaty – which we OWE the Russians after breaking Budapest – should just begin with the Russians keeping historically Russian Crimea and Russian ethnic areas of Ukraine having self-determination referendums. WE set the Responsibility To Protect (victimized ethnic groups) precedent in the Balkans, and the Russians very much more feel that responsibility toward their kinsmen.
    And if we don’t want Russian missiles back in Cuba, we must agree not to station strategic weapons in buffer states east of Germany.

    Any secret sudden attempt by NATO to add buffer states Finland and Georgia, let alone Ukraine, to NATO would likely result in Russian invasion of them and World War 3. Just Sweden joining NATO will result in Russian occupation of it, since Russia cannot risk another 1400 kilometer NATO border.

    The British armed forces commander Adm. Radakin – is that a Russian name? – what is his ethnicity? – is an out and out militarist just itching for a neocon “major war” … apparently thinking it won’t be nuclear from the get-go … and even Norwegian military officers have pointed out the US&UK intent to fight it up here.

    It is vital that Norway … especially as the steward of the Nobel Peace Prize … applies brakes to neocon NATO recklessness before we do start a holocaust which will end Western civilization, as degenerately evil as we have become.

    Norway’s civil defenses/*SIVILLFORSVARS* are in terrible shape and well over a million of Norway’s men, women, and children will die of starvation and/or radioactive contamination – which can be expected to be extremely heavy, coming over from England alone – if the West doesn’t instead! BACK OFF and negotiate good faith terms with the Russians to avert World War 3 … with nuclear superpower China too.

    THE ICECAPS ARE MELTING, and we are still playing our Neanderthal neocon nuclear Russian Roulette confrontation games??

    Lemming Fever!

  2. Correction/clarification: Just Sweden joining NATO will result in Russian occupation of Finland, since Russia cannot risk another 1400 kilometer NATO border.

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