Huitfeldt: Alleged killings of Russian prisoners of war must be addressed by Ukraine

Anniken HuitfeldtPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

The information that Ukrainian soldiers have allegedly killed Russian prisoners of war must be addressed by Ukraine, Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (AP) said on Thursday.

A video posted on social media and verified by the New York Times shows what are supposed to be Ukrainian soldiers killing Russian prisoners of war near Kyiv. When asked if this is something that needs to be discussed with Ukraine, Huitfeldt answered:

“Yes, of course. This is something that must be addressed because in a war, laws and regulations apply regardless. Laws and regulations about what goals are legitimate and how to treat prisoners of war. It is absolutely fundamental for all parties,” she told the press in Brussels ahead of the NATO meeting on Thursday.

Huitfeldt noted that she feels that Ukraine is open about what is happening. She emphasized that independent investigators must conduct investigations.

“Because what we see in pictures about attacks on civilians is completely unacceptable. And I want to warn against ‘war is war’ thinking and accepting the images we see. When we see concrete attacks on civilians in non-military clothing, it is something completely different from what we have seen in many other wars,” she added.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Huitfeldt: Alleged killings of Russian prisoners of war must be addressed by Ukraine"

  1. Very good to see Anniken wanting to be objective and fair. I believe our children would be much safer if she were prime minister.
    Jonas should not have fed the war sending those weapons (playing nuclear chicken with superpower Russia with our children’s lives), and now even SV – Socialist Left – supports that, after the Bucha killings which have not been independently/credibly investigated.
    For example, OPCW’s own field investigators – Ian Henderson for one – protested all the way to the UN their reports being distorted by their Western-pressured administrators to falsely accuse Syria of the Douma “chemical attacks.”

    And these Russian POW killings could have been staged although real: Russian security police dressed up as Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainian prisoners of war in Russian uniforms (if there is a difference) just like the alleged Russian Bucha atrocities could have been (bloodily) staged by the Ukraine SBU.

    An interesting development re: Bucha is that the Chinese want to send their own independent investigators in there, to find out what really happened – how many victims died and who they were, and that should be supported. (Ethnic Ukrainian or ethnic, pro-Russian victims?)

    It is vital that both perpetrators and victims be clearly identified in these cases … however long it takes … including/especially crimes against women and children.

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