Huitfeldt: Russia has no right to attack Norway based on our arms support to Ukraine

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Norway has contributed weapons to Ukraine in the war against Russia. But Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt says Norway can’t be considered a party to the war. 

“Russia does not have the right to direct attacks on Norway on the basis of the weapons support we have contributed to Ukraine in its exercise of self-defense,” Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt wrote in a post on the government’s website.

Norway has contributed 2,000 M72 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine so that the country can defend itself against the invasion. At the same time, Russia has issued warnings to countries that send weapons to Ukraine.

Huitfeldt says that Norway’s contribution does not constitute a violation of international law, nor is it considered an armed attack on Russia in the sense that it triggers the right to self-defense.

“In order for Norway to be considered a party to the war, we must actively participate in military operations in Ukraine with Norwegian military forces or in the exercise of control or control of the use of force by Norwegian forces. The weapons support we now contribute can not be considered as such participation,” Huitfeldt wrote.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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3 Comments on "Huitfeldt: Russia has no right to attack Norway based on our arms support to Ukraine"

  1. Lots of luck trying to convince Russians of that, Anniken.
    Norway is so far getting away with this because we are part of NATO.

    Bored-with-peace, war-eager Sweden is not.
    A couple years ago, University of Lund professor Jens Bartelson came over here to NUPI to push his book War in International Thought … blithely excluding any reference to our revolution-, coup-, and war-promoting neocons, of course.
    He was saying war can be a good thing and is an inherent part of European culture.

    After I had pointed out things like after the millions of World War 2 dead – 18 million Russian men, women, and children and 9 million other innocents – the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal actually hanged (German) people for espousing evil like he is, he became very nervous and left our room raving about “Russian paranoia.”

    Of course, Sweden didn’t lose millions of innocent dead in World War 2.

  2. Again, sending weapons to the Ukrainians only makes them less willing to negotiate, prolongs the war increasing soldier and civilian casualties, and – if the Russians are faltering conventionally, which they seem to be – leading to the Russians escalating the war with nuclear weapons. They cannot afford to lose, regardless of costs.

    (The Russians just had another meeting of their Security Council which indicates they *will* escalate the war.)

    The report is being played in Western media – see the film Spy Game starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt for a vivid depiction of that being done – that the Russians are planning a chemical attack, but that has been our – the West’s – bag in Syria (and even Salisbury England) to falsely accuse the Syrians and Russians of such.
    The Russians won’t bother with *chemical* weapons in the Ukraine War, and a month or so ago, they were accusing the *West* of trying to set such an incident up.

    All you had to do was show Trump photos of victim children, and he was ready to bomb anyone, regardless of whether the photos were real or if they were who actually murdered the children.

    If there is a false flag chemical attack staged in Ukraine, Biden&Blinken will well know that is was, and will try to use it against the Russians anyway.

  3. Yup, a little blue-eyed she/they would like us all to be.
    If I was Putin, and also off my rocker, and wanting to go down in the history books…or just make one heck of a point and movie-plot… I’d pro actively punch first, square in the face of sleepy-joe and his handlers and at NATO-Jens-Norway by knocking some of those fancy new F35s right out of the sky in air-to-air combat up in the North or out in the Oslo fjord by Oslo. Brodcast it live-feed on CNN. There you go USA, Joe, Jens, Norway, NATO. Yup, lots of “mischief” to get into before going tactical or global nuke option. The powers that be want this to cover their Evil deeds. We The People, as always, pay the ultimate price for being such easy to lul to sleep sheep.

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