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Human Rights Service wants to map mosques in Norway

Mosque Human Rights ServiceMosque in Turkey, Photo:

Human Rights Service wants to map mosques in Norway

The Islam-critical organization, Human Rights Service (HRS), is asking for help documenting mosques in Norway.


The organization wishes the name of the mosque, address, opening date, and photo of the building. And with mosques, they do not mean buildings with domes and minarets, “but the assembly houses that serves as a mosque,” writes Vårt Land.

Fears abuse of Muslim communities

– Norway is changing quickly, and the changes are not all for the better, on the contrary. We are undergoing open Islamization throughout our stretched out country. Mosques constantly pop up in new places. Well-known buildings, like a gathering house, or a disco, will be made a mosque from one day to the next. We often do not know who the forces behind are, says information officer at HRS, Hege Storhaug.

Shoaib Sultan, adviser to the Anti-racist Center, and former Secretary General of the Islamic Council Norway, fears that a number of Muslim communities can be abused by anti-Islamic forces.

– A frightening and dangerous mapping, says Sultan

Gullik Gundersen, Legal Adviser in the Data Inspectorate, tells Vårt Land that the mapping appears to be legal, but that the organization should nevertheless be careful.


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