Hundreds of thousands must renew health insurance card

A doctor at the sick bedA doctor at the sick bed.Photo: NTB SCANPIX

800,000 Norwegians have the European Health Insurance Card, which must be renewed this year, according to Helfo. The European Health Insurance Card lasts for 3 years.

The card gives you security that you will get necessary medical help in all EEA countries and Switzerland. Three years ago, 800,000 cards were sent out. These must be reviewed in 2016.

By showing the Health Insurance Card to a public doctor or a public hospital, you have right to get your necessary health care costs paid in another EEA-country on the same terms as citizens in the country you are vacationing in. You have to pay a deductible as the citizens there, reports in a press statement.

The card does not apply in Turkey or the Turkish part of Cyprus, because these are not part of the EEA. There, only one’s travel insurance applies.

-Order the card free on the website before you go on vacation, urges the functioning department director Marit Winther Abrahamsen by the Helfo services.

Those who already have a health insurance card, should check the date of expiry on the card.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today